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Access by BMW

Five things to know about BMW’s new subscription service.

Written By:  Brian Barry

Photographers:  Supplied

BMW recently launched a subscription program, Access by BMW, and Nashville is the company’s test market. So, what does that mean? It’s sort of like a lease, but you aren’t tied down to one car. You can subscribe and swap cars every day. Here are five things to know:


You can swap every day—a sedan, a convertible, or an SUV depending on what you want or need that day.


Access by BMW is billed on a monthly basis, and you can pause your subscription as needed, like if you go out of town.


You download the app and request a car from there. Plus, you’ll get a personal concierge who will clean and deliver each vehicle.


There are two tiers (Legend for $2,000 or BMW M for $3,700) depending on the kind of cars you want.


The service also includes your insurance ($1 million liability insurance policy; $1,000 deductible for drivers), taxes, roadside assistance, full detail washes, and any maintenance—you just pay for gas!

For more information, visit accessbybmw.com.

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