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Vote for Nashville's Best Bars

Let us know which are your favorite bars in Nashville

Written By:  Nashville Lifestyles


This February, we’re releasing our comprehensive list of Nashville Best Bars — and we need you to weigh in on a few of your favorites. Give us your best picks for the following categories, then keep an eye out for the February issue for a complete list of Nashville’s Best Bars.

Inventive Cocktails — where the mixologists are the top of their game
Craft Brews — the top picks for what's on tap
Wine Bars — the city's best wine collections
Rock Star Bars — best spots for seeing your favorite celebs off stage
Changing Crowds — multiple personalities isn't a disorder when we're talking bars. These offering a little bit of everything, watching the big game, ladies night
Sports Bars — where to cheer on your favorite team with the best brews in hand
Music Bars — the best mixes here are the drinks and the live shows
Dive Bars — where to keep it simple

Vote here! Deadline for entries is January 28.


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