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Top Doctors in Nashville: Dr. Rachel Mehr, M.D.

Dr. Mehr chose family medicine because she wanted to take care of all types of people—from birth to old age.

Written By:  Melissa Carro

Photographers:  Matthew Simmons

Rachel Mehr, M.D.

When Dr. Rachel Mehr was a young child, her parents took her to a symphony, and she asked to learn violin. That started a lifelong passion for music. A symphony musician, Mehr toyed with the idea of a career as a violinist. “The fact was that I loved music so much that I wanted to be in the audience, not in the orchestra pit,” she says.

That significant trip to the symphony wasn’t the only influence Mehr’s family had on her. She grew up surrounded by physicians.

“Back in the day, when female physicians were rarer, there were women in my family who were doctors,” Mehr says. “That was inspiring to me.”

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Mehr’s life has come full circle. She trained in the Nashville hospital where she was born and now lives next to the neighborhood where she grew up. She chose family medicine because she wanted to take care of all types of people—from birth to old age.

“Ninety percent of things people have, I can help with,” she explains. “My interest in healthcare blossomed when I started having kids. Now, when I see a female patient, I realize I’m not just taking care of a woman but, often, also a wife and mother.”

As for the healthcare trend in her own family, it seems that almost every year, Mehr goes to a medical school graduation. The total number of physicians? She pauses, doing a silent count. “I counted over 18, but I may have missed someone,” she laughs.

July 2017


Nashville's Top Doctors - As seen in the July 2017 Issue


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