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The 2016 Cover Dog Winners

This year, the cover dog event unleashed some of the city’s most adorable pups — take a look at the 2016 winners.

Written By:  Nashville Lifestyles

Photographers:  Mandy Whitley Photography, Moments By Moser Photography & Melanie Foster

Cover Dog 2016: Amos
Great Dane, 1 1/2 years old

He might look intimidating, but Amos is sweet and energetic at heart. A mere 20 months old, he’s not the pintsized lap dog he believes himself to be. With a home base in downtown Franklin, Amos enjoys making friends all over Nashville. From his own backyard to exploring downtown, he regularly turns on the charm in order to win treats. He greets his neighbors by propping up on the fence and convincing passersby to play fetch with him. Photo by Mandy Whitley Photography


>>> 2016 Cover Dog Contestants

Our 2016 Cover Dog event, held at The Mall at Green Hills in March, unleashed some of the city’s most adorable pups. As always, our judges had a tough time nailing down a winner, but in the end, they were wowed by our cover model, Amos, who is as sweet and energetic as he is big and lovable.

>>> Register your pup for Cover Dog 2017!

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