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The Original Bike Box

Entrepreneur Jason Sheer and his crafty carry-alls

Written By:  Kendall Mitchell Gemmill


To say that Jason Sheer in an admirer of bicycles is an understatement; obsessed is the term lovingly used by friends, family, and even himself. As a story he once read proved, following a simple passion can lead to opening doors you never imagined: Jack Marucci, made his son a custom-sized wooden bat in his backyard shed in 2002. That simple project lead him to the majors—he now makes wooden bats for more than a third of the pros in Major League Baseball. Sheer, in his own Marucci moment, once fashioned a bike basket for his wife Libby on a trip to the beach. Made from an old wooden box she once received with her name on it, the bike box caught the eye of every passerby on the street. Inspired by the Marucci model, Sheer, together with his wife and three young sons (Coby, Jack, and Hudson) founded the Original Bike Box, a family company that makes bike boxes out of reclaimed scrap wood. No two boxes are alike and each one is made at their home in the 12th South neighborhood, which you can easily spot: It’s the lawn covered with in-progress bike boxes.

Available at retailers like Cumberland Transit and Halcyon Bike Shop; or order online at originalbikebox.com.
Photos by Jacobs Jones.

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