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6 Reality Shows filmed in Nashville

It’s the start of a New Year, which means it’s back to reality—as in, the six reality television series that have recently or are currently being filmed in Nashville. (Jan 2014)

Written By:  Anastasia Brown

Photographers:  Various

A&E's Crazy Hearts: Nashville. The series follows several aspiring artists as they try to hit it big, falling in love along the way. Relationships mean everything in Nashville, and there is no shortage of love triangles in this town, states the show's website. Local reporter and photographer Heather Byrd is a cast member and invited me to a showcase that will be featured in one of the episodes. I must admit, I was impressed by singer-songwriter Hugh Mitchell. American Songwriter magazine called him a golden-throated troubadour;he skews the lines between country, blues, and rock, in the vein of Jeff Buckley, Steve Earle, and Jackson Browne. Watch the show for an introduction to more artists like him.
Crazy Hearts premieres this month; see aetv.com for details.



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