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Scooter Squad Arrives In Nashville

The easy-to-use pick-up service gets you and your vehicle home in one piece.

Written By:  Nashville Lifestyles

Photographers:  Supplied

We’ve all been there: You drive to an event or party, have one too many cocktails, and consider tempting fate by getting behind the wheel… just so you can get your car home. First of all, DON’T. Second of all, here’s how: The Scooter Squad recently launched in Nashville, offering a drive-home service that comes to wherever you are, picks up you and your car, and delivers both home safely and soberly for a small fee.

The insured driver arrives via scooter, which actually folds up and fits in the trunk of your car (inside a bag to ensure your car stays clean). Once they drop you off, they’re on their merry way. This utterly genius service starts at $12 with an additional $3 per mile—or, about the same cost of a round-trip cab ride in town; plus they take credit cards or cash. We’re sold.

Want to test it out? Give it a go after you hit up our Bartender Bash tomorrow night.
For reservations or a pick up, text or call 615-953-8810; scootersquadnashville.com

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