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Round Up for Research with US Storage Centers

National storage facility takes a charitable approach.

Written By:  Nashville Lifestyles

Photographers:  Supplied

Photo courtesy of Kure It Cancer Research

Since 1985, US Storage Centers (USSC) has been providing accessible, affordable self-storage solutions for needs of all kinds—personal, business, automotive, and more. The company’s reach is vast, spanning from coast to coast, and its amenities are unparalleled, with climate-controlled units, 24-hour video monitoring, and gated entrances offering trusted protection.

More so than this stellar customer experience, though, is USSC’s commitment to charitable giving. Specifically, USSC is raising money for cancer research through its support of 501(c)(3) organization Kure It Cancer Research. Kure It’s name is its mission, and its impact has been profound.

“Kure It Cancer Research began in 2007 after US Storage Centers Founder and Chairman, Barry Hoeven, had been battling kidney cancer for nine years. He discovered that kidney and other rare cancers have limited options and treatments available due to a lack of research and clinical trials,” says Elizabeth Jones, Kure It’s Director of Communications and Marketing.

Thanks to Hoeven’s determination, Kure It was created to raise grant money to aid top research institutions nationwide—ones that show promise in developing new treatments and cures for these underfunded cancers. For USSC in particular, one of the fundraising initiatives Hoeven began is called Round Up for Research.

“Everyone around the country has been touched by cancer in one way or another,” Jones explains. This program was established so a large amount of people donating a little can have a tremendous impact on cancer research.

Round Up for Research works two ways: USSC facility tenants can make a flat donation to Kure It, or they can round up their rent to the nearest dollar, and that portion of their payment benefits Kure It. Whichever way tenants choose to donate, USSC matches each donation 100%. Last year alone, USSC raised over $125,000 to benefit cancer research, bringing the program's total charitable contribution to over $1.2 million since its inception in 2010.

“Currently, we are identifying a grant that will start this summer due to Round Up for Research donations,” adds Jones.

So, how can you help? With a presence in Nashville and Brentwood (as well as throughout Tennessee), USSC provides a viable solution for many storage needs. (Plus, tenants can participate in the Round Up for Research program at any time.) For those who aren’t tenants, it’s just as imporant to spread the word about USSC’s generosity and commitment to Kure It Cancer Research. Together, we will continue to fight for a cure.

For more information, visit kureit.org and usstoragecenters.com.

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