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Q&A with Leona designer Lauren Leonard

More about the new Leona storefront in 12South from designer Lauren Leonard.

Written By:  Nashville Lifestyles

Photographers:  Tyler Stewart

Having designed clothes for some of Nashville’s most notable stars, Lauren Leonard (LL) now has a storefront for her loyal everyday fans. The 12 South space opened this past weekend—we chatted with the designer and got a peek inside Leona. 

NL: You’ve had a lot of celebrities wear your clothes, which is always exciting, but have you ever become just over-the-top excited by one person pulling from Leona?

LL: I think the first is always the most exciting. Taylor Swift purchased our clothing, and was photographed wearing them multiple times. As a start up fashion company, and a Taylor fan, that was truly a dream come true! It also came as a complete surprise since we had not had any contact with her or her stylist at the time.

NL: Do think opening up a storefront will allow Leona to grow as brand in ways it may have been limited by in the past? How so?

LL: Absolutely! We want to invite our Leona girls into our "home" and show them the full scope of our brand and lifestyle. This will ultimately result in more connectedness with our brand and more brand awareness. We want people to know our whole story and everything that makes our company so special. The fact that our prints are hand drawn by  me and that our luxurious hardware and fabrics are custom, and our signature is all over everything we do. Everything is authentically Leona. We are thrilled to connect with our customers in such an intimate way!

NL: Leona just recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. Congrats! What about right now makes the timing seem so perfect to open up a boutique?

LL: Our company has grown so much in the last few years and we have an incredibly loyal customer base. Now is the time because this is what our customers need and want from us. Our product line is large enough to support a sales floor now and it just feels right!  

NL: We hear customers can expect exclusive products available only in Leona stores, what boutique items are you most excited about for fall?

LL: We will have certain styles and cuts that will only be available in the Nashville store. These items cannot be purchased anywhere else in the world, including our website.  We have some fabulous hand illustrated paper and stationary items, framed hand drawn fashion illustration prints, iphone cases, exclusive jewelry and other various accessories available in store. We will be introducing shoes and handbags in the spring. We will have new product introductions with each passing week and month!

NL: Have you gotten any buzz from Leona-loving Nashvillian’s who are excited about the new boutique opening? What have they told you?

LL: Absolutely. We have a huge online store customer base in Nashville. Everyone is thrilled to have the opportunity to come in and see and try on the complete collection in person.

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