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Pepper Boxing

Bandywood’s newest boutique fitness studio really packs a punch.

Written By:  Anna Kate Read

Photographers:  Jen McDonald

Elite New York-based trainer Alexander Kaufman is bringing his athletic expertise down South with Pepper Boxing, an innovative, upscale group boxing workout slated to open in Green Hills later this month.

“There’s a great niche for the boutique fitness industry here, and it’s a young, vibrant place,” Kaufman says, regarding his recent move to Music City. “It’s a recipe for success.”

At Pepper Boxing, clients can expect 50-minute classes complete with non-contact shadowboxing, heavy bag combinations using unique, tear-shaped training bags, body weight exercises between rounds, and ab work to wind down. It’s a high-intensity, full-body workout ideal for boxers at every skill level, from beginner to expert. Plus, for more advanced athletes, they offer options for private, one-on-one training and sparring classes.

“You can easily burn 1,000 calories in a class,” Kaufman explains. “It’s cardio and resistance training built into one.”

Unlike other boxing studios in town, Pepper Boxing utilizes a circular layout, giving boxers at each bag clear, continuous sight of their instructor as they demonstrate each move. “They’re not just telling you what to do; they’re doing the combinations with you,” Kaufman adds. “Of course, they’re going to dip on and off the bag and give individual attention as needed, but we’re trying to cultivate a real sense of community in each class.”

And while the physical benefits of boxing (increased muscle tone, endurance, and core strength, among others) are apparent, Kaufman touts the mental gains of the practice, as well.

“With boxing, there’s so much personal time,” he says. “When you’re in that headspace, you detox; you release that daily stress.”

Sidle up to the bag and see for yourself when Pepper Boxing officially opens its doors on June 26.

2176 Bandywood Dr, Ste. 105, 615-555-1212; pepperboxing.com

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