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Our Favorite Pet Instagrammers in Nashville

From husky puppies to grumpy cats, Nashville pets have taken over Instagram (and our hearts). Here are our 15 favorites to date.

Written By:  Jenna Butz

Photographers:  Various

Nashville’s full of cute pets: cats, dogs, even wallabies! Just take a walk through Centennial Park on the weekends if you don’t believe us, or even just scroll through your social media feeds. Some pets are so adorable that they’ve taken over Instagram, amassing hundreds to thousands of followers all their own. From husky puppies to grumpy cats, Nashville pets have taken over Instagram and our (and soon to be your) hearts. 

Ari the Pomeranian

It took us no time at all to fall for Ari (short for Aristotle). One look at that sweet little fur ball and you’ll be smitten, too.






Doug the Pug

Nashville's most noteable canine, Doug the pug is equal parts adorable and sassy. Follow his funny feed of costumes, zen faces, and witty captions, and you’ll probably start trying to fit your pet into sandals with socks too.






Edward the Bull Terrier

Love cute dogs runing through sprinklers? Get your fix with Edward the bull terrier puppy who’s just all about exploring Nashville and having fun.





Fendi & Saffy

This playful pair proves cats are just as fun as dogs. Fendi (Russian Blue) and Saffy (Persian Queen) are all about being balanced though, saving plenty of hours in the day for nothing but naps. It’s the best of both worlds. 






Hank the bulldog

This English bulldog is a true Nashvillian, making his way all over the city for the best photo ops. Also, he loves bowties, which is oh so proper.







Jackson the dalmation

This dalmatian puppy will get you with his pouty face, but don't be tricked. He's a troublemaker who's cute enough to get away with anything.






Jack the Wallaby

Someone in Nashville has a pet wallaby (not to be confused with a kangaroo). If that’s not reason enough to keep up with Jack’s adventures, watching him hop around after a long day sure is.






Loki: God of mischief

Being mischievous is literally in this dog’s name, but watching him perform killer high jumps and bolting after tennis balls gives him serious canine cred.






Just because Mildred isn't a puppy anymore doesn't mean she's lost her spunk. The English Springer spaniel is all about the water fun: swimming, caneoing, and rocking some shades.







Nacho CrumbaugH

Nashville has it’s own grumpy cat look-a-like, but he’s still down for snuggles, which are impossible to resist with those bright blue eyes.






Piper the Goldendoodle

This happy-go-lucky goldendoodle puppy loves playing in the outdoors, smiling, and looking like she did something sneaky. At only five months old, she’s already fabulous and fluffy.






Pumpkin & Woodrow

These two Pembroke Welsh corgis embody #doggoals. When they're not snuggling or begging for treats, you can find them out fishing, life jackets and all.






Sullivan + Eloise

Meet two-year-old Sullivan and six-month-old Eloise, the cutest little nuggets! The French bulldogs are all about cuddles, smiles, and peanut butter snacks.





Winter the Siberian Husky

Winter is just 11 weeks old, which officially makes her the cutest puppy in Nashville in our book. She’s also the adventure-seeker you need on your feed, if nothing else than a happy variety from all the duck-lipped selfies.





Woody the Cavalier

This little tri-colored cav loves Pokemon, bow ties, and hanging out with his Nashville Cavalier pals at Centennial Park.



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