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Nashville's Urban Hydro project

A new indoor farming project is about to put hydroponically grown greens on local tables.

Written By:  Jane Taylor


Locally grown, sustainable produce all year round. Not with a winter climate like ours, right? Think again: Jeffrey Orkin is revolutionizing the way Nashville views food with his indoor hydroponic farming project. Orkin has been growing a selection of lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, and more on the 13th floor of a downtown condo building as part of what he calls the Urban Hydro project.

“Growing indoors allows us to consistently produce around 10 times more produce than you can in the same square footage of outdoor space,” says Orkin. “We never have a cloudy day in the grow room!” he adds.

Orkin is hoping to sell his fresh produce to both individuals and restaurants throughout the year with plans to launch a CSA soon. He’s also working closely with the Nashville community to educate children about food sources and healthy choices. For now, consumers interested in purchasing his produce can email him directly—and keep an eye on his website for new developments.

For more information, go to urbanhydroproject.com or email jeff@urbanhydroproject.com.

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