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Nashville's Most Beautiful People 2011

See who made the 2011 Most Beautiful People in Nashville list

Written By:  Nashville Lifestyles

Photographers:  Various

Julianne Hough:
23, Singer, Dancer and Movie Actress

You might remember Julianne’s previous Nashville Lifestyles cover in the summer of 2008—this was before her first country single went mainstream, and she was named Top New Female Vocalist at the 2009 ACM Awards. She was a superstar in our eyes early on. Since then, she’s been a very busy girl, cast as a lead in what promises to be one of the biggest movie remake of all time.

When she’s in Nashville, her upcoming agenda includes a trip to the soon-to-be-open Catbird Seat dining sensation atop her fave Division Street haunt, Patterson House. “I am so there,” she said after I told her of the new addition. And, of course, she’ll be strolling the streets of downtown Franklin. The quaint town is where she bought her first home, and it’s a community she adores. The shops, the people and the history—she loves it all. It’s only fitting that the premier of the major film Footloose (she plays the role of Ariel) is being held at The Franklin Theater October 5—before it goes on sell out crowds on the big screen everywhere mid-month.

So, who does Julianne think should be Nashville’s “Most Beautiful Person?”
“Hands down, my vote goes to Reba McEntire. She’s been beautiful inside and out from day one in the business. Every female artist in the music industry wants to be Reba. She’s just so ... timeless.”

Photo by Mark Liddell
Will Witherspoon:
31, Linebacker, Tennessee Titans and Grass Fed Beef Farmer

We love Will Witherspoon for his serious play for the Titans defense, but we bet you didn’t know he had an agricultural engineering degree from UGA. “I have a 500 acre grass fed beef farm called Shire Gate Farm...with my degree, I became interested in organic and environmentally responsible farming when I came into the League, due to the overwhelming information related to proper nutrition for professional athletes.”

He also has three lovely daughters, and takes joy in spending time with them, as well as being on the farm. An avid reader, he picks up tomes by Robert Gladwell and Robert Greene. Casual and relaxing on TV means Sy-Fy Channel, Discovery Channel or maybe a little Criminal Minds. In town, he spends free time at favorites like The Standard—but to escape, Costa Rica is ideal for this travel lover.
Marcela Gomez:
46, Marketing and Advertising

Marcela keeps herself busy with Salsa dancing, movies, travel and a little Zumba to keep her in great shape. Supporting groups like Latin Achievers, Nashville International Soccer Cup, FUTURO and the Tennessee Hispanic Chamber of Commerce keep her going as well. Her notion of beautiful? Someone who is passionate about what they do and helps others accomplish their dreams.

If you ask her who the greatest influence in her life is, however, she’ll tell you: “My son: He inspires me to keep going and encourages me to continue to pursue my dreams.” Marcela longs to travel more, and her absolute favorite vacation spot is Cartegena, Colombia—but in town, she finds Union Station Hotel and Marathon Village the most gorgeous of places. Clearly, she has an excellent eye.
Andrew Fromm:
37, Songwriter

Andrew gives back in places that matter most to him—especially when it comes to the American Cancer Society, since both his parents have been diagnosed with the disease. He’s been married for two years to the exquisite Beth, and aside from her, perhaps it’s no surprise that what brings him the most joy is music, plain and simple.

The Franklin resident loves his Westhaven neighborhood, shopping downtown Franklin and can’t get enough of the countryside around Leiper’s Fork and—you guessed it—Franklin. (That’s pretty good for a city boy originally from Edison, N.J.) A host of credits to his name include the awesome (being involved with the BackStreet Boys Millenium album) and the intriguing (appearances on Star Search and MTV’s Boiling Point). He dreams of taking up cycling and hitting the Natchez Trace, someday.
Jay O'Shea:
37, Singer and Songwriter

Perhaps her biggest recent accomplishment, in conjunction with husband Mark, is infant daughter Finley—and that’s the pair she’d nominate as the most beautiful people in her own life. “Mark is the most patient, honest and fair person I know,” she says. The couple has been together 15 years, and thrived even through all the stresses of the music business.

Jay devotes time and resources to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, especially when it comes to congenital heart defects, and World Vision among other charities. Find her shopping at Smack Clothing Company, getting her hair done at Salon FX or maybe hiding out to catch Breaking Bad or Little Britain on TV. She says if she had a free day, the goal would be hanging out at home with friends and family, cooking, drinking wine and blasting out some good tunes.
Adam Moyer:
26, College Student and Sweet Home Alabama Cast Member

The avid young horseman is a big supporter of local charity Saddle Up, and when he’s not on a horse, he’ll be found on a motorcycle—or maybe training for another triathalon or marathon. “I honestly love volunteering, and I also love going riding with my friends—both are really fun and joyful.”

A regular TV gig doesn’t seem to be spoiling this talented and athletic guy. If he isn’t on a horse, motorcycle or maybe fishing boat, looked for him eating with friends at Taco Mamacita or Sambuca. He says he’d love to learn to play the piano, or perhaps fly fishing—if you ask us, we’re betting he opts for whichever he can do best in the great outdoors.
Zarna Surti:
24, Musician and Writer

Zarna is currently hard at work on her first EP, and she can’t wait to share it with everyone (watch this space, we’ll let you know when it’s out). The gifted musician also takes joy in time sent as a writer, and contributes to Vogue India’s web site.

Shopping in town, catch her at edgy, independent faves like Libby Callaway’s Diamond Star Halo and Local Honey. A total jazz snob, her reading list of late includes a biography of Miles Davis, but she listens to a mix of old school jazz and hip hop—from Coltrane to Lil’ Wayne. Dining may mean sitting at the City House pizza bar (“it’s fun to see Tandy Wilson cook right in front of you”) or lounging on Virago’s patio. Her quotable quote? “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different,”—Coco Channel.
Blain Bishop:
41, Sports Personality

Admit it, you don’t miss listening to Blaine’s show, 3 Hour Lunch, on 104.5. We don’t, if we can help it. His sense of humor is as legendary as his iconic role with the Titans a few years back. If you didn’t catch our heroes issue last year, you should know he’s devoted to Big Brothers Big Sisters—and he regards that organization’s CEO Lowell Perry as the person he’d nominate for this list (what luck, we thought so too!) As commencement speaker at his alma mater, Ball state, he urged graduates to “never give up their dreams.”

With an NFL career in past and a burgeoning role as a respected commentator in the local sports community, Blaine is living a lot of people’s dreams. Of course, his wife Cella and 10-year-old son Chayce have a lot to do with his dreams continuing to be big.
Jason Crabb:
34, Recording Artist

The lead male vocalist for Dove-award winning musical group The Crabb Family and independent artist with a Grammy award for gospel music to his credit, Jason lives in Sumner County with his charming wife Shellye and their two daughters Ashleigh and Emma. When not making music, chances are good, you’ll find him working diligently for his own Jason Crabb Ministries—or with the family grilling out. If he’s lucky, he might even get in a little fishing.

Professionally, he longs to sing a duet with Vince Gill—and personally? Well, he just likes to spend time at home with his wife and family, since he spends so much of the year on the road. Here, he can visit the Ryman, a favorite location, or relax and watch sports or NCIS on TV. Time allowing, a dream vacation might involve taking Shelleye and the girls on an African safari.
Carol Collins:
64, Office Manger, Petra Capital Partners

Carol loves ballroom dancing. “I absolutely love to dance and it doesn’t matter whether I’m following steps to a waltz or a foxtrot or just feeling the rhythm. I’ve been known to get up and dance when no one else was on the dance floor,” she says. The mother of two grown daughters, she devotes much of her time to supporting organizations like Grace Groups in her church (through Open Hearts Ministry) helping those who have experienced a variety of forms of abuse heal and recognize their own intrinsic value. An avid reader and music lover, she also enjoys grand old black and white movies with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers or a fabulous dinner with friends. She dreams of travel—to Ireland, Italy, Austria or Greece.
Heather Byrd:
34, Entrepreneur, writer and photographer

If you’re missing her regular contributions to local media just now, you’ll be happy to learn that Heather has launched Byrd’s Eye View, a mixed media entertainment endeavor bridging the traditional gap between media and PR—and making it easier to catch up with her again.

Her commitments to organizations like Nashville CARES and Safe Haven are well known in the community. What you may not know is that Heather is saving her ready cash in hopes of picking up a Victory cruiser bike—you’ll take you for a spin if you contribute. She loves hiking at Radnor Lake, the Greenway in Sylvan Park and getting out on the water when she can. She adores No. 308 and the people who run it, so you might just find her there on a “quiet” night. Not that this gifted go-getter pauses to take time out all that much.

Dustin Lewis | Mr.clandestine.com
Lowell Perry:
55, CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee

When Blaine Bishop said Lowell Perry was the person he’d nominate for this list, he wasn’t alone. The proud father of Miss Tennessee USA 2010 Tucker Perry and fine sons Trenton and Trey Perry, he tells us his wife Kathi would have been his choice. He adds, “Beauty goes way beyond the physical part of the equation. There are good looking folks who lose most of their outward luster once they open their mouths.”

You may not know he’s a cancer survivor living his own challenges, but you can clearly see the good he does in the community. He tells us he loves to vacation at Hilton Head or Disney World. The people that get this admired man’s admiration in turn? President Obama, State Representative Johnny Shaw, Denzel Washington and Diamond Rio (for their support of Middle Tennessee’s children).
Brandt Snedeker:
30, PGA Tour Golfer

If we tell you that Arnold Palmer is Brandt’s greatest influence, surely you won’t be surprised. “He’s a great person, a great ambassador for the game and he changed the game of golf for the better,” says Snedeker, who’s truly on track to become a big name in the sport himself. When he’s not on the green, he and his pretty wife Mandy have their hands full with precious new baby Lily—and Lily’s already got dad wrapped around her finger.

When the couple do get out, a dinner at Watermark and finishing the evening at Whiskey Kitchen is the preferred agenda. He says he never has enough time to hang out with friends and family—or go fishing, and if he got to follow a dream, it might just be learning how to pilot a plane. “I love flying, it’s very relaxing,” he says.

Jensen Larson Photography
Janet Bentz:
54, Wife, Mother and Community Volunteer

“I’m a product junkie,” confesses Bentz. “If I were to list them all, this issue would be longer than War and Peace.” Jesting aside, Janet takes great pride in having raised three daughters and, along with her husband, having grown a small business they started just after their marriage into the largest manufacturer of fiberglass fishing boats in the U.S. That same husband, Earl, to her, is the unsung beautiful person in her life.

Catch her lovely face around town, shopping at Gus Meyer or Color, getting her hair done at Cashmere or Shawn Venezia Salon, or picking up some Therapy Systems products at Private Edition. What don’t you know? She’s never practiced, but she has a degree in dental hygiene. No wonder she has such a winning smile.

Photo by Kristy Belcher
Pekka Rinne:
29, Nashville Predators Goaltender

It’s rare that our Nashville Most Beautiful originally come from Finland, but Pekka Rinne is a native—and clearly, there’s hotness in Finland in spite of the snowy landscapes. The smashingly good-looking puck smasher is a laid-back sort who enjoys comedy films, especially the oeuvre of Will Farrell.

A music fan (his favorite is Neil Young), don’t be surprised to find him checking out who’s playing at Tin Roof when he’s off the ice. His greatest influences, he says, are his parents—and he values all the support they’ve given to him. On a free day, he thinks sleeping in, then a good brunch and something done outdoors might be perfect options. Asked what he’d like to learn, he tells us he’d like to play the guitar someday—pretty ideal in Nashville, and he’d find a teacher easily. Asked who his hero is, he answers with “Nelson Mandela.”

Photo by Jeff Gross
Liza Graves:
38, Co-Founder of Style Blueprint blog, writer

Liza loves to cook—she opened a restaurant at 25, and sold it at a profit three years later, just before her oldest child was born. As the co-founder of “Style Blueprint,” we know shopping is akin to a superpower for her, and trust her to explore the latest locations for all of us.

Creativity is second nature, whether it’s writing, cooking, painting—but you might be lucky enough to catch her enjoying a calm, easy dinner at Tin Angel, or perhaps a hike in Percy Warner Park with her husband Jay. Her favorite quote—“Windows of opportunity close quickly—so act quickly”—underlines her own life script. Of course, she gives back too, through her kids’ schools, her church and the Symphony Fashion Show Auction Committee.
Michael Atchley:
56, Cosmetic Dentist

Humorous, loyal and dependable, Dr. Atchley lets us know he’s also a bit of a romantic. He grew up in rural Tennessee working as a laborer in a farm setting—he managed to save money and get himself a solid education that made him the successful doctor he is today. With all that in mind, you won’t suspect that he really enjoys landscaping—both the design and the installation, when he has the chance—using the knowledge he gained working on the farm and trading on his love of plants.

He keeps his great look with the help of Element Salon’s Kevin Moser and a few workouts at the Green Hills YMCA. He regards listening to music as his own therapy, and visits the “Mother Church” (that’s the Ryman) and 3rd and Lindsley regularly. His passions? Besides daughter Rachel, they’re boating and motorcycle riding.
Meryll Rose:
55, Host of NewsChannel 5’s Talk of the Town

You’re used to seeing her chat on TV, but Meryll, a choir soloist at Brentwood United Methodist Church, has a singing voice worth giving a listen to as well. She has a considerable number of hidden talents, from hanging sheetrock and tiling a floor to the athletic skills necessary to complete the inaugural Country Music Marathon (in honor of friend Paige Brown, who was battling leukemia).

She keeps in shape by hitting spin class at the Maryland Farms Y and training with Olivia Faziani at personal Best. Asked if she has a beauty secret, she laughingly says, “My own age. I don’t mind telling people I’m 55, I’ve earned every one of these smile lines by being happy.”
Caroline Bryan:
31, Mom

Caroline says she loves driving out on Brentwood’s Old Smyrna Road. “It’s so peaceful and the land is gorgeous. My dream home is on that road—absolutely stunning.” When she isn’t spending time with her much-loved sons Bo and Tate, playing tennis or devoting time to one of a host of charitable groups (including St. Jude Hospital, Make-A-Wish Foundation and Light in the Night Cancer Walk), she likes to shop at Haven and Flavour or maybe relax and listen to a little Luke Bryan.

She tells us her greatest influence in life has been her mom: “She taught me the importance of being a strong, independent lady...my mother is amazing.” Like mother, like daughter.
Marcus Washington:
31, Reporter WTVF NewsChannel5

Marcus imagined being a television reporter from early childhood, starting out watching Joe Birch on WMC-TV in Memphis when he was only 5 years old. What you may not know, however, is that the 6’4” journalist is also a classically trained singer and he loves to dance.

His greatest influence, he says, is grandfather Percy L. Washington, who put himself through Tennessee State University back during the days of segregation and became a teacher and administrator. He says at his height, he does a lot of his shopping online, but Banana Republic has things that fit his preppy-casual tastes. The most beautiful place in town? “Standing on the banks of the Cumberland River—LP Field side—at night, looking at the city.”
Jake Nemer:
28, Attorney, Nemer Law LLC

Jake bills himself as a very private person, though he admits he’s the guy who’s always talking and carrying on. Asked if he has a secret for looking good, he tells us, “A bar of soap, toothpaste and deodorant.” No other words, he comes by his appearance naturally—no bad thing. The perfect vacation for Jake involves skiing in the Rockies—something he doesn’t get to do often, but truly enjoys when he’s there.

In town, he’s probably enjoying breakfast at Noshville or if he’s out in the evening, visiting a favorite spot like the Greenhouse Bar, Broadway Brewhouse in Midtown or Robert’s Western World. He says if he’s proud of something he’s done, it’s taking the plunge and starting his own business—”It’s nerve-wracking at times, but it allow me to live the way I want to live.”
Suzanne Alexander:
Host of GAC’s Great American Country

Suzanne plans on running at least two more half-marathons. She’s got eight under her belt so far and is aiming for an even 10—sometimes running for charities as well. Running with her dog Cooper, however, is the physical activity that truly brings her the most pure joy—well, it’s time shared with a special pet.

Asked about celebrity icon, her answer is a good one: The amazing Dolly Parton. “She’s a leader in what she does for her community.” If you’re looking for her, check Basil Asian Bistro in Cool Springs—or if she has her way, on the ski slopes in Colorado. The quote worth sharing is one she found behind a cash register in a rural Louisiana diner, but it rang true: “I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.”

Rubin Media
Sherrie Austin:
41, Singer and Songwriter

Another gifted Australian import to Music City, Sherrie sees herself as a “realistic dreamer.” She’s also a generous soul, and is justifiably proud of donating some $25,00 from the sale of her single “Streets of Heaven” to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Her favorite spot ever is Tahiti: “I cried real heartbreak tears the day I left to go home from my vacation, I think my heart may actually still be there on that little island somewhere, drinking coconut water with a splash of rum.”

The greatest influences in her life are her parents, and her music business inspirations include Dolly Parton and Taylor Swift. (She daydreams about learning the mandolin from her dad, by the way.) Spending time around town, you’ll find her shopping at the Mall at Green Hills, wandering at Radnor Lake or eating at the Palm. If she has the luxury of a day off, perhaps she’ll spend it drinking hot tea and reading in bed.
Tiani Jones:
35, Reporter/Anchor at WKRN News 2

Tiani represented her home state as Miss USA Colorado in 2000, reaching the top 10 finalists. Loyal, adventurous, spontaneous Tiani is obsessed, she tells us, with Asian culture and she’s spent time traveling in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong, among other eastern locales.

While she adores traveling, she hates shopping with a grand passion—”The thought of walking around a mall depresses me.” She admits, however, that the arrival of Nordstrom’s has the potential to change all that. If she had a free day to herself, the ideal moment is by the pool with her Nook and an icy cold Fat Tire. Ahh, sheer joy! Meanwhile, when she gets out and about, she’s probably laughing it up at Zanie’s Comedy Club. You won’t be surprised that her real dream is to produce shows like those she sees on The Travel Channel.
Kirsten Pate:
23, Freelance Hair and Makeup Artist

Beautiful to Kirsten means emanating life. “There’s not much more attractive than someone who inspires others to live fully, and knows where it comes from.” Kirsten exists to the absolute fullest, which means she does a little of everything—the girl’s got a black belt (and her dad served as her “sensei”) and can kick butt if she wants to, and she’s a regular at the downtown YMCA—but can also be a serious young lady in dresses by local line Norma Claire. If she feels artsy, she’ll put on a little whimsical music and paint. “I’m not an artist by any means, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t pretend.”

The woman who can break bricks with her fist loves hanging out at Patterson House, visiting with friends and family and—by the way—she’s just got married September 24!











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