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Nashville's Emerging Coworking Spaces

As Nashville's small businesses and tech and creative communities grow, so does the need for flexible working space.

Written By:  Valerie Hammond & Codie Gentry

Photographers:  The Tennessean & Supplied

Abrasive Media

What: A perfect place for fine artists to connect and work. Abrasive also hosts classes, workshops, showcases and exhibitions.
Who: Virtually every kind of artist from dance companies and designers to authors and visual artists.
What you get: Artsy, open spaces as well as smaller shared work space in the company of fellow growing artists. Enjoy studio space, community events, make-labs, lunch-and-learn discussions, discounts for purchasing materials, and a break area.
Cost: Desk/Easel $10/day; Flex Studio $35/hour; Dedicated Studio $100/hour
More info at abrasivemedia.org

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