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Nashville's Country Music DJ's

More about the latest trend of country music and electronic/hip-hop music and the Nashville DJs who are rocking the party.

Written By:  Valerie Hammond

Photographers:  Supplied & Piper Rastello

Dee Jay Silver

Real name: John Perdue
Born and raised: Austin, Texas
Big break: In March 2000 at Club Boon, during spring break in South Padre Island, Texas
Listen to DeeJay Silver on Soundcloud

From this point forward, DeeJay Silver will be lauded as a father figure to all future country music DJs. Generations of electronic patriarchy aside, he lays claim to a lot of firsts in the industry: the first to ever play the Academy of Country Music Awards, to be signed to a major Nashville label (Sony Music Nashville), and to release an EP (2013’s Country Club).

After Silver toured with Nelly, his remix of “She’s Country” made it into the hands of Jason Aldean’s agent. Ten years later, this spiky-haired craftsman is the highlight of festivals worldwide, the official DJ for the Tennessee Titans, a mainstay on Aldean’s tour, and a pioneer for all his beat-loving, boot-stomping posterity. deejaysilver.com

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