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Nashville Singles, 2012

Meet the 2012 Nashville Lifestyles Singles

Written By:  Nashville Lifestyles

Photographers:  Various

Marc Mariani
Punt Returner/Wide Receiver, Tennessee Titans
Amber Treat
Police Officer
Howard Aubert
Surgeon at Centennial Medical Center
Megan Hershey
Marketing Coordinator for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
Elizabeth Bradbury
Communications Specialist, Genesco Inc.
Jon Sexton
Owner, Boost Fit Club
Elaine Clapp
Special Education teacher
Emmit Martin
Owner, I Run for the Party
Mandy Hale
Blogger, "The Single Woman"
Chris Cannon
News Anchor, Channel 5
Jason Thomas
Chief Wealth Strategist, Wells Fargo
Martha Wilkinson
Tennessee Repertory Theater | Chaffin’s Barn Dinner Theatre
J. D. Connell
Legal for SESAC
Colin McCarthy
Linebacker, Tennessee Titans
Kayla Rowser
Ballerina, Nashville Ballet
James Keith
National Retail Operations Manager
Kimberly Curth
Reporter, Channel 4
Ryan Carter
Sales Director, Innovative Global
Kris Rochester
Radio Host, "Tony and Kris"
Tracey Robinson
Owner, Trace Skin Care
Rachel Fontenot
Owner, Mad Donna’s and MD Loft in East Nashville
Associate Director, Artist Development/Marketing at Sony Nashville


How many pop songs preach a love of the night life? You may have to ask Usher or Katy Perry for an exact number—but there’s a reason people love going out on the town, most obvious of which is schmoozing and mingling with all the other people! So this year we flooded Sambuca with a collection of Music City’s most eligible singles to celebrate the glorious nature of Nashville’s nightlife, and to showcase each one of these truly amazing individuals.

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