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Nashville Lifestyles Top 25 To Watch in 2016

From indie vixens to industry vets and country pop to funky rock, these 25 local acts are poised to tackle 2016's music scene head-on. Download their singles, spin their vinyl, catch them live — whatever you do, listen up!

Written By:  Valerie Hammond, Katy Lindenmuth, Alison Abbey, Marissa R. Moss & Gayle Thompson

Photographers:  Supplied


The title of newcomer Cam’s debut LP, Untamed, couldn’t be more appropriate. After making a splash with her frisky single “My Mistake,” the California transplant is taking her haunting summer scorcher, “Burning House,” all the way to the Grammys—it’s up for Best Solo Country Performance. And the rest of the record, which dropped in December, is just as eclectic. “My album starts off with the sound of the bugs singin’ on a warm Tennessee summer night,” Cam says. “It’s a bonfire party in the woods, in our own world, with our own rules—being ourselves and being free.” camcountry.com
Photo by Ninelle Efremova

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