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Nashville Lifestyles Top 25 To Watch

These rising Nashville acts will soon be household names, get the scoop on who to hear now! (Jan 1, 2015)

Written By:  Valerie Hammond & Katy Lindenmuth

Photographers:  Supplied

Chase Bryant

At 22, Chase Bryant is just more than half Keith Urban’s age but radiates the same amount of confidence, keeps his hair just as well groomed, and―most importantly―boasts a similarly insane guitar prowess. He’s also extremely hands-on when it comes to his projects; on lead single “Take It On Back,” for example, he has writing and producing credits in addition to the vocals and lead guitar. Last fall, Bryant hit the road with Brantley Gilbert’s “Let It Ride” tour. As he closed out his explosive set at Bridgestone Arena with an extended guitar solo, it was impossible not to picture him headlining his own show there in the very near future. More at chasebryant.com

Listen to "Take It On Back"

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