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Nashville Lifestyles' Top 10 Photos of 2012

We love looking back at our last 11 issues to grab inspiration for the year ahead, here are some of our favorite photos of 2012.

Written By:  Nashville Lifestyles


1) Little Big Town
August 2012, Hot List
Photo by Kristin Barlowe

Little Big Town is one of our favorite bands—not only because they are so talented and have impeccable style—but because they really are one of the nicest groups we have ever had the privilege to photograph. This shoot was scheduled around the same time their infamous single "Pontoon" started to explode. This image happened as the last shot of the day and was a little bit unplanned. We knew we needed a horizontal and ended up loving the industrial look of CRAFT Studio. What was a wrap up image turned out to be the opener to our August Hot List issue, and one of our favorites of 2012.
2) Bartender's Bash
August 2012 Promotion
Photo by Ashley Hylbert

This was a shot that we took as a promotional piece for our Bartender's Bash. It just ended up being really clean and beautiful with cocktails from Tavern, Sambuca and Virago. We shot it in the lobby of the Union Station Hotel, but you would never know it.
3) Nashville's Music Makers
December/January 2012, Music Issue
Photo by Cameron Powell

We loved the photo essay in the Music Issue this year. With shots from United Record Pressing (this one), War Memorial Auditorium, Hatch Show Print and the Bluebird Cafe, the beautiful images brought to life why Nashville is "Music City"—from the words of the songs to the vinyl it lives on, our city MAKES MUSIC.
4) Martina McBride
July 2012, Celebrities at Home
Photo by Ash Newell

We had a blast shooting Martina for our July cover one evening in Downtown Franklin's Iron Gate. We all fell in love with the bed that landed on our cover and even Martina couldn't resist buying a candle or two.
5) Nashville Food Trucks
June 2012, Food Truck Guide
Photo by Katie Jacobs

We were overwhelmed by the sudden food truck explosion in our city and decided to do a last minute feature on the phenomenon. That meant that we ended up shooting our cover the day before we went to press—a little close for our comfort but ended up being one of our favorites from the year.
6) Cover Pup
May 2012, Nashville Lifestyles' Cover Dog Event
Photo by Daniel Meigs

Who can resist this face? Hundreds of pups showed up at our Cover Dog event this year at Cheekwood and while two blood hounds won the cover, Bailey stole our hearts and ran as a full scale image on the contents page.
7) The Hillsboro Hounds
May 2012, The Iroquois Steeplechase
Photo by Ron Manville

The Iroquois Steeplechase is one of Nashville's favorite events and the running of the Hillsboro hounds is always a highlight. Our photographer put on his waders and got a terrific shot that showed even a little rain couldn't damper the day.
8) Nashville's Inspiring Heroes
November 2012, Nashville Heroes
Photo by Amy Cherry

It is so important that we highlight the individuals that do great works in our community. We loved this shot of Mary Carol at the Nurse Assistant Training School that we used it to open our Heroes section in the November issue. The orange and yellow tones in the photo inspired the palette for the rest of the section.
9) ¡En La Cocina—Mexican Cuisine in Music City!
October 2012, Mexican Restaurants feature
Photo by Ron Manville

We did a collection of great Italian food in Nashville last year and followed it up this year with a Mexican food roundup. We loved the bright colors of Mexican culture and thought that this image of tequila turned out especially nice.
10) Fashion at the Nashville Zoo
September 2012, Fall Fashion
Photo by Ashley Hylbert

We had the brilliant idea to shoot our fall fashion piece at the Nashville Zoo this year. The 96˚ weather and temperamental animals didn't stop us from getting some amazing photographs. The Zoo staff was incredibly helpful in chauffeuring us between locations on a golf cart, blocking off exhibits and placing animals in our shots (literally herding flamingos and elephants!).




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