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Nashville Lifestyles' 2017 Most Eligible Singles

Looking to mingle? We’ve rounded up 18 of Nashville’s most eligible, including entrepreneurs, athletes, teachers, and everyone in between.

Written By:  Anna Kate Read

Photographers:  Bree Marie Fish

Luke Pell

Age: 32
Occupation: Entrepreneur; Songwriter
Neighborhood: Green Hills

You know you’re in love when: I can’t wake up in the morning without wanting to see that person, or at least talk to them or hear their voice.
Ideal date: Dogsledding in Pennsylvania with a hot tub in the woods… Oh, wait…
Deal breakers: Insecurity, dishonesty, and lack of motivation.
Weekend go-tos: I love to go to the lake in the summer. I love being outdoors, and I love getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I like to be outdoors and get away from my phone. I’ll go to Radnor Lake or go play golf, something like that.
People are surprised to learn: That I’m goofy! A lot of people can’t tell that from the outside. Sometimes people see a different version of me. I have resting bitch face, I guess.

February 2017



As seen in the Februrary 2017 issue
of Nashville Lifestyles magazine

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