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Nashville Lifestyles' 2013 Most Eligible Singles

The surprising truth about Nashville's hottest singles

Written By:  Nashville Lifestyles

Photographers:  Cameron Powell

Brett Eldredge
26, Atlantic Records’ Recording Artist,
Lives in 12 South

When I’m out with my friends, I…
love to go places that not everyone is going. Somewhere random! I feel like those kind of nights are the most fun. Plus you can break out embarrassing dance moves and you don't have to worry about anyone you know seeing it!

My celebrity crush is…
Scarlett Johansson

My days are…
filled with randomness. I don't like routine. It’s fine every once in a while, but I like not knowing what's next and just wingin’ it!

The best gift I’ve ever received was…
a worn out old rowboat my grandma gave me when I was a kid. It was rusty and leaked water, but I didn't care. To me it was a yacht! I caught tons of fish on that boat!

Once I week, I like to…
have a home cooked meal with my mom, dad and brother. If you tried my mom’s cooking, you would too!

See our video from the big party at Sambuca!

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