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Nashville Lifestyles’ 2018 Most Eligible Singles

Entrepreneurs, lawyers, entertainers, and more: These 17 savvy singles are accomplished, engaging, and, of course, available. Plus, they’ve got the inside scoop on where to go when you’re looking to get out on the town.

Written By:  Anna Kate Read

Photographers:  Matthew Simmons

Alisa Beth Fuller

Age: 27
Occupation: Singer-songwriter
Neighborhood: Mount Juliet
Instagram: @alisabethfuller

About you

Describe yourself in three words: Sassy, loving, and thoughtful

Hobbies: Matinee movies, shopping, going on adventures in my Jeep, plays, musicals, bonfires, and being on the lake

Guilty pleasures: Brownies for breakfast

Celebrity crush: Justin Timberlake

The gutsiest thing you’ve ever done for love: I texted a guy I had just met telling him that he needed to man up and ask me out on a date. (It didn’t work.)

The most surprising place you’ve met another single: At a dog park

The most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done on a date: So far, I’m in the clear for embarrassing date moments. Hopefully, it stays that way.

You know you’re in love when: I don’t know; I’ve never been in love.

People compliment you most often for: My smile and my eyes

People are surprised to learn: I’ve never played sports, even though I’m 5’11”. I am not athletic in the slightest, and running is my worst enemy. I’ll hike, but I am not running anywhere.

Proudest professional moment: Releasing my first song

If you’re cooking dinner for someone, your playlist includes: Bluesy-rock (Gary Clark Jr., ZZ Ward), soul (St. Paul and the Broken Bones), some type of country (Brothers Osborne, Jason Aldean, Maren Morris), folk (Lord Huron, Jamestown Revival), or something chill (Petit Biscuit, Lauv, Banks)

Who would you cast to play you in your biopic and why? Mila Kunis, because she’s a badass

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About your dating habits

What qualities do you look for in a partner? Someone who loves Jesus, loves his mom, is assertive, funny, kind, trustworthy, intelligent, family-oriented, honest, spontaneous, driven, and patient. (Oh, and if he could build me stuff, too, that would be awesome!)

On the flipside, what are your deal breakers? Don’t be a flake. Smoking will kill me (I have asthma). Do not get angry and lose your temper unnecessarily, don’t curse at me, and never lie to me—I will find out.

Your ideal date would be: Disney World. All of it. (Which would take a lot of days, I know, but that’s why it’s ideal and probably not realistic…)

Best place to go on a first date: A quiet, but nice restaurant where we can both dress up. I need to know if he can clean up when necessary. Also, there need to be people around, in case he ends up being a psycho.

Best place to go for a day date: A lake picnic

Favorite place to take someone to celebrate: It depends on who we’re celebrating.

Favorite place to go for cocktails: The Mockingbird or Old Glory

Favorite brunch spot: Anywhere with margaritas

Favorite dinner date spot: Virago, The Palm, or Taco Bell

NL February 2018



As seen in the February 2018 issue
of Nashville Lifestyles magazine!



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