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How to Talk Like a Local: Video

As your local experts, we can offer an insider tip or two to get you going—like how to pronounce these three tricky words.

Written By:  Valerie Hammond & Anna Kate Read

Photographers:  Nashville Lifestyles Staff

Welcome to Nashville! As your local experts for over 15 years, we can offer insider tips to get you going. We took a trip downtown to ask visitors and residents how to pronounce these three tricky words: Schermerhorn, Demonbreun, and Lafayette. Watch the video below for their responses and maybe learn a thing or two.

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Schermerhorn [SKER-mur-horn] Symphony Center — Home of the Nashville Symphony, the concert hall opened in 2006 and is named for maestro Kenneth Schermerhorn, who led the Nashville Symphony from 1983 until 2005.

Demonbreun [deh-mun-BREE-un] — A street running from downtown toward the Gulch and over 1-40; named for Timothy Demonbreun, a French-Canadian fur trapper who was considered the first citizen of Nashville.

Lafayette [lah-FAY-et] — A street that runs southeast from the 8th Avenue roundabout and, after several blocks, changes names to become Murfreesboro Pike.

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March 2017


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