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East Side Art Stumble

The east side offers up its own version of the art crawl.

Written By:  Jennifer Farrar

Photographers:  Supplied

“East Nashville has a flavor of its own, that’s a given,” says Katie Wolf, owner of KT Wolf Gallery. “Part of that flavor comes from so many of these great spaces, which house local art, and from all of the talented artists that live in the area. So we wanted to find a way to get people out to experience what East Nashville has to offer.”


The result is the East Side Art Stumble, which launched in April and takes place on the second Saturday of each month from 6 to 10 p.m. Multiple locations participate in this monthly event with the goal of showing off local galleries and artists in a unified approach. 


Stumblers can view the area’s multifaceted artistic offerings, from museum-quality exhibitions to folk art—the idea being that every time you go, you’ll stumble upon something new. Various pop-up venues join the rabble each month, keeping things fresh by serving up creative and awe-inspiring art, curators, and artists. Among the regular participants are KT Wolf Gallery, POP Nashville, Main Street Gallery, Red Arrow Gallery, Main House Gallery, DADU, Sawtooth Printshop, and The Idea Hatchery.

For more details, go to facebook.com/eastsideartstumble or email eastsideartstumble@gmail.com.


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