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Devan's Dating Do's and Don'ts

Modern day dish from our lifestyle + fashion contributor Devan Brown.

Written By:  Devan Brown


Oh, the joys of dating (insert sarcasm here)…while most of these tips seem like I might be stating the obvious, there are some folks who still need a few friendly reminders!

Devan Brown



• Internet Stalk
Try not to, or at least please do not admit to over-doing it on Google, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, or any sort of online outlet.
Here are three good reasons why: 1) one, you will appear to be a stage-five clinger; 2) give the person a chance before you make your pre-judgments; and 3) what on earth are you going to talk about if you already know everything from your stalking session? The conversation will consist of you feigning interest to answers you already know. Trust your gut and make your judgments post-date.

• Ask someone out via e-mail…(I really hope that option didn’t cross your mind).
You should ask someone out (or be asked out) either in person or on the phone. Email, texting, Facebook messaging or otherwise is a major no-no.

• Fly by the seat of your pants.
Don't make up the date as you go. Unless you are an improvisational god/goddess, not planning is not a good idea. Consider the interests shared by you and your date and call ahead, make reservations, look the part. Example: Going to a downer movie can seriously ruin the vibe. While it might be a great movie or compelling story line, depressing movies can be well, depressing. You'll either be ending the night on a bad note or beginning it on a bad note. If it is a movie you prefer, choose a comedy or something light instead.

• Be careful what you order.
Going out for dinner is perfect for checking out their table manners, but can be an obstacle when deciding what to order. For example, many types of pasta can be troublesome to eat. Even if you are a professional pasta twirler, there is always potential for the occasional noodle slurp or sauce splash. Also, anything small, green and leafy is just begging to get caught in your teeth. Spare yourself the embarrassment, and avoid these two potential date disasters.


• Think twice when choosing your shoes!
— Guys: Your shoes can say a lot about you and she will be taking note, so make sure you choose a stylish pair. If you are going on some sort of active date, absolutely no toe shoes.
— Girls: if it is date-appropriate, always wear some sort of heel. Not only will you look better but you will feel better. Heels are empowering and confidence is attractive—choose a pair of heels that are wobble resistant and make you feel comfortable. Wedges or a heel with a platform are a great way to get that lift without having to be uncomfortable when walking.

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• Turn your cell phone off.
This should be a given, but here is just a friendly reminder for those who need it. The only instance where it you need your phone on is if the date is going terribly awry and you need an out. Speaking of, do arm yourself with either this or this fake call app, just in case.

• Keep the conversation fun.
Keep most of the conversation light-hearted, funny, and intriguing. No need to get into deep issues or discussions about ex’s. If you haven't laughed at all during a date, things are not going well…

• Be mindful of alcoholic beverage intake.
Make sure to sip, not chug, your drink. I know it may seem like the answer to calm your nerves but nothing is more unattractive than a sloppy or quick drunk. A good rule of thumb, alternate between a stiff drink and a glass of water.

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