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Dave Ramsey and daughter offer finance advice to families with kids

Radio host Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruze release Smart Money, Smart Kids, a personal finance book for little ones.

Written By:  Andrea Williams

Photographers:  Supplied

For years, personal finance guru Dave Ramsey has been dispensing his straight-shooter money management advice to millions via his New York Times best-selling books, radio and TV shows, and sold-out conferences. Meanwhile, Ramsey’s daughter, Rachel Cruze, has been soaking up that wisdom all her life.

Not sure whether you’re qualified to teach your kids important money matters? No worries.

“More is caught than is taught,” says Cruze. “Your kids are watching you, so be that example to them. And don’t let past mistakes make you fear that you can’t move forward and help your kids—because you can.”

Though the self-professed “natural spender” didn’t always appreciate the tough money talk from her parents while growing up in Brentwood, 26-year-old Cruze, who now lives in Franklin gleaned tons of insight on helping others raise their own money-smart kids. And on April 22, she releases her debut book, Smart Money Smart Kids (Thomas Nelson), which she co-authored with her father. It’s a fun, easy read with a balanced parent-child perspective and tips on everything from banishing allowances (Ramsey and Cruze prefer a “commission system”) to helping your children earn a debt-free college degree.

Available on Amazon and at smartmoneysmartkids.com.

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