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Anderson Design Group’s New Studio Store

Noteable Nashville design firm opens a store with award-winning artwork and locally crafted products.

Written By:  Cara Berkeley

Photographers:  Supplied

It started as a simple calendar: a collection of 13 vintage-style illustrations called “Spirit of Nashville,” hand-drawn by Anderson Design Group as a gift for customers.

“Our clients in New York and L.A. didn’t understand Nashville or the South,” says Joel Anderson, founder of the graphic design firm. “We decided to create something that showed off what we love about our city.”

Soon, people were tearing pages out of the calendar to frame as artwork; then they began wandering off the streets and into the design firm offices looking for prints. That’s when the team decided it was time to expand into a retail space. The new studio features the firm’s prolific collection of artwork available for browsing and for purchase in every format imaginable—from puzzles to posters. The Music City Maker’s Market, meanwhile, is a room dedicated to showcasing and selling locally crafted artisanal products ranging from stone-ground Olive & Sinclair chocolates to the amped-up sweet and spicy sauces of BBQ Fight Club.

“We are proud of our city,” says Anderson. “We love Nashville and wanted the chance to introduce local products to the world.”

Several awards later and now 120 illustrations deep, the firm’s pictorial love letters to Nashville are doing just that.

116 29th Ave N, 615-327-9894; andersondesigngroup.com

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