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Party Pics

Top Doctors in Nashville: Kathryn Dahir, MD

More about the associate fellowship director at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

Posted on July 06, 2015 At first glance, one might think Dr. Kathryn Dahir has a fascination with bones. She did, after all, transition from an archaeology major in college to an endocrinologist specializing in bone disorders. It’s not the bones that fascinate her, however. It’s the science. “My research in metabolism is fascinating and really motivates me,” she explains. “I guess in that t...

DIY Summer Cocktails

While we won’t turn down a Southern sweet tea or chilly beer, we love these twists on summer favorites. As simple to make as they are pretty to serve, they’re a perfect addition to any gathering.

Posted on July 06, 2015             ...

Vibe Goo offers a new way to record music

A startup pairs musicians of all calibers with recording pros and studio space.

Posted on July 05, 2015 Shane Douglas is, like many in Nashville, that guitarist who likes to play, plays well, but doesn’t do it professionally. He’d never been in a position to record in a studio—until recently.
 Earlier this year, the commercial real estate broker heard about VibeGoo, a new business that uses a sharing-economy business model to match available studio space with musicians who ...

Double Dogs in Hillsboro Village

A new pub puts hot dogs front and center.

Posted on July 04, 2015 True to its title, Double Dogs Pub is a hot dog kind of joint—but also offers so much more. Named for two adorable pups, Bo and Chancey, the concept was started in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and its third location brings to town a classy-looking burger, beer, and hot dog stop that seems to draw everyone from college kids and families to executives and dog owners. (Yes, canines are allowed on t...