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Party Pics

Interior Inspiration with Designer Ben Vandiver

Designer Ben Vandiver details a luxurious breakfast nook.

Posted on May 26, 2015 “When new clients approached me to design and furnish an addition to their home that was still under construction, they not only had a new room, but a new baby. They didn’t have many requests other than comfort, durability, and a starting point for the rest of the property (if we got along through the initial phase). Though they already had a formal dining room, there was no place for ...

Texas de Brazil

Bring your steak-loving tendencies—and a big appetite—to Texas de Brazil.

Posted on May 25, 2015 The space across from Centennial Park that was occupied briefly by Sardinia Enoteca has been transformed into the meat-focused steakhouse chain Texas de Brazil. A large bar now creates a partition between the lounge and the dining room, and a large square salad bar acts as a centerpiece—it’s topped with a Volkswagen Beetle–sized flower arrangement that shoots colorful branches up...